Kim planned an incredible holiday for my husband and I, recent empty nesters, during very challenging COVID travel times.  We have traveled extensively, but this trip was one of our most memorable.  We were blown away by Kim’s local knowledge and connections, every experience was well-curated, the hotels were unique and special and guides were informative, flexible, energetic and kind.  Kim advised us on where to “splurge” - i.e., what hotels and experiences were truly unique, and her advice was always dead on.  She found us off the beaten track experiences that we would have never found on our own and was extremely flexible and adept at making last minute changes and reservations.  We have recommended Kim to several good friends and will continue to use her for our family trips.
Catherine L.
Kim planned an absolutely marvelous girls' trip to Mexico City.   Our itinerary was extremely well organized with excursions to all of the top sights.  Kim's extensive network of excellent guides and transportation made for a seamless experience too.   We were really able to enjoy ourselves without having to worry about all of the preparation it takes to have six women eat, drink, sightsee and shop their way through Mexico City. Her knowledge, attention to detail and love of travel make her an excellent partner for all of my globetrotting plans!
Alex C.
All I can say is, “Wow, wow, wow!”  I asked Kim to help us plan a family vacation to Greece.  I had no knowledge of the local areas and was looking to Kim for ideas.  We decided that we wanted to do the major islands, as it was our first family trip to Greece, before exploring smaller islands.  Our visit included Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. Kim provided various hotel options in each city, within our price range for us to review and select before booking. Similarly, she provided restaurant ideas in each city. Upon arrival in Greece, we were met with private transportation to take us to the hotel.  Kim arranged all transfers between cities, transportation on boat and plane, between islands, and car service to hotels.  It was all seamless and easy to get from place to place.   Before our departure, Kim provided us access to an online app where we could view our entire itinerary.  This was also printable for those who prefer hardcopy.   Within each city, Kim shared ideas for adventures and tours.  She also booked those of interest.  In particular, our three teenage boys were “over-the-top” excited when Kim informed us of the DJs that were playing in Mykonos.  A highlight of the trip for the boys.  We cannot thank Kim enough for making our family trip one to remember for a lifetime!  Kim stayed within our budget and had access to local colleagues who provided amazing local insights.  Every place that we visited in our itinerary, we would recommend to others.  Nothing we would change about the entire trip! We are very grateful and will use Kim again and again! 
Jill H.